HP Deskjet 6122 Drivers

File name: 6122_enu_win2k_xp.exe
Release date: 2005-02-24
Compatibility: Windows XP x86

This download includes the Driver and Product User's guide. If you only want the print driver (without the Product User's Guide), it is available as a separate download named "HP Deskjet Software/Driver: Basic Features for USB".

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Autodetect failed

There is no official driver for your OS.

Installation & troubleshooting notes

  1. Installing a printer driver will require you to download it directly from this page, BUT firstly, make sure you know what kind of printer you have and the operating system you are using in order to find the proper driver you need.
  2. Download it.
  3. With your driver in hand or knowing where it is located, you have to install it to get your printer up and running. To do this go to your operating systems printer and devices area.
  4. You will see the available printers that are attached to your computer. Select the printer for which you obtained the downloaded driver.
  5. Go to the printer properties of this printer and locate the Advanced tab.
  6. A New Driver button is located on the screen that appears. Select this button and follow the steps of the installation wizard that appears.

Model Info

Windows 95, 98, Me

  • Processor: Pentium 150 MHz
  • Required RAM: 64 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 40 MB


Windows NT 4.0

  • Processor: Pentium 133 MHz 
  • Required RAM: 64 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 40 MB


Windows XP

  • Processor: Pentium(R) 233 MHz 
  • Required RAM: 128 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 40 MB


Windows 2000 

  • Processor: Pentium 133 MHz
  • Required RAM: 64 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 40 MB


Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x

  • Processor: Power PC G3
  • Required RAM: 64 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 10 MB


Mac OS X

  • Processor: Power PC G3
  • Required RAM: 128 MB
  • Required hard disk space: 20 MB
  • Maximum format: A4
  • Number of colors: 4
  • The maximum resolution for b / w printing: 600x600 dpi
  • Maximum resolution for color printing: 4800x1200 dpi
  • Print Speed: the actual print speed will depend on the speed of the computer, the program, and the complexity of the document being printed.
  • Duty cycle: 5000 pages per month
  • Print on card stock, transparencies, labels, photo paper, glossy paper, envelopes
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 454x184x440 mm
  • Weight: 5,5kg
  • Functions: print
  • Print technology: inkjet
  • Port: USB 2.0
  • Print type: color
  • Print features: yes (photo)
  • Language simulation: yes
  • Duplex printing: yes