HP LaserJet 2600n Drivers

File name: CLJ2600-HB-pnp-win64-en.exe
Version: 5.0
Release date: 21 Feb 2013
Compatibility: Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server x64

Use this software for first time USB installations only. Do NOT attach USB cable until prompted by the install program.

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takes the place of two other drivers sources I have. (dello07 on 2016-04-03)

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Installed it and my laserjet 2600n worked with no fuss. (jimmymarsh on 2015-10-28)

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File name: CLJ2600-HB-pnp-win32-en.exe
Version: 5.0
Release date: 21 Feb 2013
Compatibility: Windows 8.1 x86, Windows 8 x86, Windows 7 x86, Windows XP x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server x86

Use this software for first time USB installations only. Do NOT attach USB cable until prompted by the install program.

Please comment your results on the right

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laserjet 2600n performs well (Anonymous on 2016-04-06)

A great respectable source of drivers! (Kacey on 2016-04-05)

Installed driver and works perfectly (Anonymous on 2016-04-04)

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Autodetect failed

There is no official driver for your OS.

Installation & troubleshooting notes

  1. Check your operating system here on this page (sometimes the vendors discontinue the driver support for the older devices and sometimes the older devices do not support the newer operating systems).
  2. Check the model from the back side of the printer (or front side)
  3. Download the driver for the operating system you have on your PC or laptop.
  4. Once the driver is downloaded, simply open the setup file you just downloaded. It takes a few seconds to complete.
  5. When you see the “setup completed” or similar message, then you are done.
  6. You can verify whether the printer is installed in your PC or not from the control panel >> devices >> printers. 7. If you see the printer icon you just install in that folder then the printer is installed.
  7. In order to print a test page, simply go to the printer’s properties and click on the “print test page”. You can also print an actual document for the testing purpose.

Model Info

Minimum system requirements for Windows: 233 MHz processor with 64 MB RAM, 150 MB hard disk space, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM (Windows Vista™, check user guide for minimum hard drive space); CD-ROM drive, USB or network port

Minimum system requirements for Mac: G3 processor (G4 recommended), Mac OS X v 10.2 and later, 150 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, USB or network port

  • Number of pages per month: 35000
  • Maximum format: A4
  • Number of colors: 4
  • The maximum resolution for color printing: 600x600 dpi
  • Time to first print 20 c (b / w), 20 c (colored.)
  • Paper Supply 250 sheets. (standard), 500 sheets. (maximum)
  • Paper output 125 sheets. (standard)
  • The maximum resolution for b / w printing: 600x600 dpi
  • Print speed: 8 p/ min
  • Printing on: cards, transparencies, labels, glossy paper, envelopes, matte paper
  • Resource b / w cartridge / toner: 2500 pages
  • Resource color cartridge / toner: 2000 pages
  • Number of cartridges: 4
  • Processor speed ??: 264 MHz
  • Memory: 16 Mb, max 16 Mb
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 407x370x453 mm
  • Weight: 18,4 kg
  • Functions: print
  • Print technology: laser
  • Print type: color
  • Ports: USB, LPT
  • Print languages: no
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi
  • Duplex printing: yes