HP LaserJet 4050 Drivers

File name: upd-pcl5-x64-
Release date: 10 Sep 2013
Compatibility: Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server x64

This is the most current PCL5 driver of the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) for Windows 64 bit systems.

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Very good Thanks (Thom on 2016-09-08)

Let me get this strait Callum... The driver worked and allowed you to print out nudes of Selena Gomez, but you are only giving it a 3/10... The driver made your printer print. What else were you looking for. Troll and an idiot. (@ Callum on 2016-09-07)

thank u so much its working (Waqar Ahmad khan on 2016-08-26)

Thank you - works well (Anonymous on 2016-08-13)

Works OK, can't be any better. Thanks. (Mike on 2016-08-05)

Works perfect, thank you! The autodetect is da bomb (Camp BH on 2016-07-07)

does everything I need for the printing (Anonymous on 2016-04-05)

GREAT (mackiwio on 2016-04-03)

win 7 ok! (nibstonee on 2016-04-02)

GREAT ! Thank you ! (Win7 64 bit on 2016-04-01)

thank you dude, it worked (printer on 2016-03-31)

i hope it will work and print (RAVI SHARMA on 2016-03-29)

thank you man, it worked better (aamir on 2016-03-27)

I appreciate (re4ryu on 2016-03-25)

works very well (dorlow on 2016-03-19)

ok for my Win Server x64 (David Gushee on 2016-03-16)

THANK YOU for prompt upgrading of drivers. (geno521a on 2016-03-10)

Small, free, light, secure, useful, fast. What else? (Anonymous on 2016-03-04)

Perfect. Works great for me (Juarez1738 on 2016-02-28)

Great! (Anonymous on 2016-02-25)

Wow, amazing (Lans on 2016-02-23)

Woo hoo! I got my printer working again! (yophi on 2016-02-22)

win 8.1 64 bit - OK! (mhdbsm on 2016-02-15)

OK (Lal Perera on 2016-02-11)

about to try on win 7 x64 (Anonymous on 2016-02-11)

I like it, I trust it, I continue to use. (snadge on 2016-02-03)

very useful (GLS48 on 2016-01-27)

thanx ! I can finaly print with my new laptop {win 10) on my old printer. (Anonymous on 2016-01-24)

Extremely efficiant and reliable (rkstudio on 2016-01-19)

I like it (sherlockjohns on 2016-01-13)

Thanks.... Spot on! (Anonymous on 2016-01-07)

Appears to install and function perfectly. Many thanks for this. (foubboxia on 2016-01-06)

great drivers !! (bandmax on 2015-12-28)

recommended to all (shariffmk on 2015-12-20)

EXACT DRIVER (laserjetski on 2015-12-11)

Three cheers!!! (greenback on 2015-12-04)

Really helpful and reliable software ! (pippa93 on 2015-11-25)

sweet! everything looks great! (rookie on 2015-11-15)

I just bought a nice LJ 4050N -- but I'm running Win 10 64. Whadyya think? I have no problem back-reving to Win 7, but still ... Thanks in advance. (Jack Williamson on 2015-11-07)

goooooooooood (Jenn19 on 2015-11-03)

worked great !!!!!!!!!!!! After spending the last hour on HP it's nice to find someonr that could actually help. Thanks !!!!! (Anonymous on 2015-10-30)

I Find the courage to ask. You are awesome! (Trissinas on 2015-10-24)

Win Server 64 bit - OK! (BClampit on 2015-10-14)

Even as only a user of no greater than average skills I have no complaints (mcavinee on 2015-10-04)

ok for win Server 64 bit! (sgbrown on 2015-09-22)

Installed it and my laserjet 4050 worked with no fuss. (Anonymous on 2015-09-11)

Smooth looking user interface and was easy to install (Sparks on 2015-08-31)

It took a few moments with updating (apachi on 2015-08-19)

Worked awesome, thanks!! (Jesse on 2015-08-11)

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Good drivers for my printers. (itry2 on 2015-04-22)


Thanks a million, for your freehand. (Godfrey on 2015-01-09)

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File name: upd-pcl5-x32-
Release date: 10 Sep 2013
Compatibility: Windows 8.1 x86, Windows 8 x86, Windows 7 x86, Windows XP x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows Server x86

This is the most current PCL5 driver of the HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) for Windows 32 bit systems.

Please comment your results on the right

Comments (28)

good work (Anonymous on 2017-05-20)

Thank you for help. (Nick on 2016-06-05)

Funcionou perfeitamente. Obg (Ivan Jr on 2016-05-09)

I have no problem with it. (pcandmacrepair on 2016-04-07)

New One Works Well in My Computer (david on 2016-04-04)

This version works fast (polo83 on 2016-03-30)

Absolutely no problem and easy to use (Boaddons on 2016-03-27)

OK for me (kakizukume on 2016-03-25)

DUDE , THANK YOU! works PERFECTLY (mahesh1221 on 2016-03-21)

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Finally! Beautiful and magical work keep it up! (lisaw on 2016-03-15)

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Works Great! thanks. (Ferrioacl on 2016-03-03)

good (joemite on 2016-02-27)

Found no viruses whatsoever good job! (Anonymous on 2016-02-23)

this works for me. thanks so much. (ajoy on 2016-02-19)

Still one of the best (Rish on 2016-02-13)

Thanks, this is really awesome (Anonymous on 2016-02-07)

Cool Dude! It's working perfectly. Thanks (AminaRyan on 2016-02-01)

you guys just got it right, thank you (if only all software update were thie easy on 2016-01-27)

Smooth looking user interface and was easy to install (ArvindPrasad on 2016-01-26)

no me funciono el driver no me detecta la laserjet 4050 (jackotronic on 2015-11-19)

pls help i ididnt get the setting well (Anonymous on 2015-11-14)

well don, I am satisfied. (Anonymous on 2015-10-03)

Than you! its magic al worik keep it up! (Anonymous on 2015-09-08)

it is purfect driver for my printer thanks. (ahsan akhtar on 2015-03-14)

worked great, i have printer with no USB port, so thanks!! (bill on 2015-02-06)

Very nice work.it is very helpful for us thanks (aminqaisar on 2014-12-22)

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Autodetect failed

There is no official driver for your OS.

Installation & troubleshooting notes

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Information
  2. Click on System Summary and review the name and system type, this will tell you the driver you require for your system.
  3. Once you have found the compatible driver here on this page then download it.
  4. Start installation process by double-clicking on the file or Click Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, and finally Printers.
  5. Run the file by right clicking on the chosen printer and follow the steps in the Add Printer Driver Wizard.

If you face any errors, then you should start your computer in safe mode.

  1. Start by restarting your computer and press the F8 key on the keyboard.
  2. When the Windows Advanced Options appear, you can click Safe Mode and press ENTER.
  3. If you face a Boot menu, then you can simply select the operating system on the computer using the arrow keys.
  4. When your computer is back on, the printer and driver should both be working fine.

Model Info

  • Microsoft Windows 3.1x
  • Microsoft Windows 9x
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • IBM OS/2 version 2.0 or greater
  • Apple Mac OS 7 or greater
  • Microsoft MS-DOS
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP

Min RAM Size: 12 MB
Min Hard Drive Space: 8 MB

  • Media Size: A4 - 8.27" x 11.70", A5 - 5.80" x 8.27", Letter - 8.50" x 11", Legal - 8.50" x 14", Executive - 7.25" x 10.50", Executive JIS, Envelope No. 10 - 9.50" x 4.10", Monarch Envelope - 7.50" x 3.90", DL Envelope - 8.66" x 4.33", C5 Envelope - 9.02" x 6.38", B5 Envelope - 9.84" x 6.93", Custom Size
  • Standard Input Media Capacity: 600 sheets
  • Media Handling: 1 x Multipurpose Tray 100 Sheet, 1 x Input Tray 500 Sheet
  • Maximum Mono Print Speed (ppm): 17
  • Media Type: Copier Paper, Bond Paper, Special Application Paper, Recycled Paper, Transparency, Label
  • Number of Input/Multipurpose Trays Installed: 2
  • First Print Speed: < 15 Second Monochrome Warm, < 15 Second Monochrome Off
  • Maximum Print Resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Warm-up Time: 15 Second
  • Duty Cycle: 65000 pages per month
  • Height: 13.5"
  • Width: 15.4"
  • Depth: 19.4"
  • Weight (Approximate): 624.0 oz
  • Duplex Printing: Manual
  • Print Color: Monochrome
  • Parallel Port: Yes
  • Serial Port: Yes
  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Language Emulation: PostScript 2, PCL 5e, PCL 6