Officejet: main features, strengths and weaknesses, issues and bugs

Brief history

            In today’s fast paced market and business world it’s important to have the top-of-the-art programs, applications, and accessories that will help keep up with the growing demand. On the go is usual the normal routine of many lives, including, more than likely, you. So it’s important to know what’s great and what isn’t. When it comes down to having a great electronic in the office, left alone the home, the Officejet is a perfect printer. What will be discussed is its price, brief history, and features that will help determine if it’s the right fit or not in your home office.

            In the year of 1994, the first OfficeJet from HP was introduced. Though, in 2010 the OfficeJet 6500, 8000, and Pro 8500 is what set off the brand, and made them incredibly marketable.

Main features

            An OfficeJet printer is a combination of a copier, fax machine, and an inkjet printer.  What sets an Officejet from other printers such as Deskjets is that they’re generally used for faxing and scanning. Though, Officejet, like Deskjet and Photosmart are to be used either in a small business office or home business, and isn’t recommended for just personal use like a Deskjet. For example, some Officejets like the Pro 200 series are specifically meant for a branch office or somewhere remote, since it provides the features of supplying many devices at once, instead of a few or a single device like a home based Deskjet. However, if you’re planning on having an HP Officejet for the home, there are printers of the brand that are geared to such an environment like the HP Officejet Pro 8000 series.

            The Officejet has it strengths when it comes to being a dependable printer. The first pro is that it has an ADF that is an automatic-duplexer. The second pro is that the quality production from an Officejet is exceptional when it comes to printing, copying, and scanning. The third pro is that there is little maintenance required, as you’re paying a little more for such equipment as opposed to a Deskjet, while reliable, will have a bug encounter more often. The fourth pro is that Officejets have a flatbed that’s legal-sized as seen in an OfficeJet Pro 8600. The fifth pro is that its performance is quick (though the drawback and reason will be discussed later).

Strengths & weaknesses

            Though, despite its strengths, there are weaknesses when it comes to Officejet. When it comes to price range, the Officejet tends to be more expensive than Deskjets; however, cheaper than Lasers. The prices usually range from $200 to $250.  Another difference that separates OfficeJet from other printers is that instead of laser print, it’s an ink-jet printer – squirting “jets” or propelling minute streams of liquid ink from a replaceable cartridge onto paper. A weakness compared to a Deskjet is that the average Officejet will print up to 70 pages per minute as opposed to 32 or less per minute. However, you have to look at the Officejet from the perspective that it’s a powerful printer that’s to be used mainly for office settings that can support many devices and tasks at once for a business setting. Another con is that with some HP Officejet printers like the marketable and popular OfficeJet Pro 8600, there is no specialty media slot.

Bugs & issues

            Aside from the pros and cons, the Officejet printers have bugs and other issues as well. One of the major bugs that one may encounter is that it will act as if the printheads are unclean or clogged when it’s not. Though, the major bug may be encountered with just the HP 8500 Officejet, it’s an issue that tends to be faced with other products of the brand from time to time. Another bug that’s encountered is the Wireless issue that can be encountered when operating some Officejets, such as the OfficeJet 6500. There are drivers that are available through the website that allow for a software update to recalibrate the hardware that’s facing issues. The supported drivers are compatible for operating systems like the Mac and Windows alike.