Photosmart: main lineup features, pros and cons, issues and bugs

About lineup

            Have you ever found yourself flipping through the album book, and as every picture brought back a memory, something went wrong as the pictures either faded or tore? That tends to be a common problem that many album collectors face, and it can become quite depressing when memories shred from time itself. However, there’s hope! There’s a better and much more improved alternative to keeping both a reliable storage and producing unlimited, top quality photos – HP Photosmart. The review will explain what an HP Photosmart is, so you may determine if it’s worth having.

            You’re asking yourself at the moment, “What exactly is a HP Photosmart?” A Photosmart is a printer that has the ability to enhance and protect photos from the elements. The printer can save photos no matter how old they are. If a picture has either dust or scratches it can remove them, and make the photos appear new. The Photosmart can produce photos that are cropped and enhanced with vivid colors. Who needs an album book that can be lost, water damaged, or collecting dust? With a Photosmart, the ability to have an advanced scanning and copying built-in slide can save photos for perfect reservation. The price ranges for the Photosmart printers are from $140 to $200, making them as affordable as Deskjet and Officejet printers.

Main features

            The HP Photosmart has several features. The printer has automatic red-eye remover, so your smiling portrait doesn’t make you appear like the possessed girl from Exorcist, but instead shows of your true attraction. The printer has the ability to edit, enhance, organize and print photos for projects through its software (HP Image Zone software). Unlike many other printers, the HP Photosmart has the ability to operate without the use of a computer. The HP has a feature of allowing multiple devices to connect through wireless as it has a built-in networking.

Pros & cons

            Now, with every product rather it’s created by HP or not, has several pros. The first pro is that the printer has a cost-efficient cloud access. The second pro is that it allows for remote printing that’s an alternative for faxing. The third pro is that it allows easy interactions on the printer’s 4.33 inch touch screen that’ colored. The fourth pro is that it can allow 25 sheets into its feed. The fifth pro is that the printer specializes in photo creation and enhancement, but you knew that already…

            There are cons as well. The first con for the HP Photosmart is that some printers don’t have an Ethernet support, so those who are heavy into IT shopping won’t be able to do much. The second con is that the hinges do not allow for additional trays to allow for thicker materials. The third backlash is that while the dock allows for up to 50 papers maximum, having anymore will have the printer clog easily. The fourth is that there is no second A4 tray. The fifth con is that the banding is slight when it comes to default quality images. Another gripe that some customers have encountered is the flimsy plastic catch tray that has to be extended manually before printing.

Issues & bugs

            The most common issues and bugs that many people will face regarding the HP Photosmart printer is mainly paper jams and clogging. From all the research done regarding the errors faced for HP Photosmart, there is only one main problem, while there’s a need for software and driver updates that support both Mac and Windows operating system, the main problem as mentioned before can be solved through mechanical means of either cleaning or repairing parts.

            So is it worth having the HP Photosmart printer? It’s worth the price when it comes as an alternative for storing and printing photos; however, if you’re purchasing the printer for office use look elsewhere. Why? As the Photosmart is a printer that’s best used for home as it can only print so many pictures at a time without being clogged. The plus side is that the printer doesn’t need a computer, and is wireless, so gone are the days of hooking up and checking the wire connection. Another plus is that the printer is space convenient in that it doesn’t take much space like other printers. When it comes to a final verdict it’s worth the price for the advantages.